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What we do


Photography of dancers in the studio environment.


Working in collaboration with the dancer we create and capture spectacular images which encapsulate unique individual skill, great technique and passion for dance.


We offer studio sessions for solo dancer, duos, small groups, or studio day sessions for dance schools and colleges.



Where and when

Our mobile studio operates out of selected venues across the south of England.

There will be studio sessions available between most school terms, and at any other times by request.

Please contact us or join our FaceBook page for upcoming session dates and times.


What we do
Price Options - Solo Dancer

Solo dancer prices



Mini Session - Under 10's  £ 150.

1 hour studio time

3 digital images - full size


Studio Session - Level 1  £ 200.

2 hours studio time

4 digital images - full size


Studio Session - Level 2  £ 300.

3 hours studio time

6 digital images - full size


Studio Session - Level 3  £ 475.

3 hours studio time

1 hour headshot session

10 digital images - full size



Additional digital images at £25 each

multiple purchase discounts apply



Powder Sessions

Powder shoot


Powder Session    £ 300.

2 hours studio time

1 half day group powder session

6 digital images - full size



Additional digital images at £25 each





Solo dancer - with wings


A bespoke wings creation costs £420


In addition to a chosen studio booking, we can create a very special wings image.


We will need to know that you desire this service before your shoot session as these require a particular style of portrait. 

- Price includes one 20" print or canvas



Duo - price options



Duo Session    £ 300.

3 hours studio time

6 digital images - full size 

Additional digital images at £25 each




Small Group

Group sessions


- Open to 4 or more dancers.

A great experience for dancing friends.

We will create individual, interaction duo and group shots.

Group session £ 75. per dancer

studio time at 30 mins per dancer

2 digital images per dancer

Additional digital images at £25 each









Dance Festivals

Dance Festivals


Live photography of festival performances - the service most desired by dancers and their parents.


Live images are made available to view and order onsite within 15 mins of section end.



We provide: 

- Quick review

- Onsite printing

- Print delivery by post

- Digital file delivery via email

- and an images upload to review online


Prints onsite are £10 for a 9x6" 

(or 3 for £25) 


Please call to get a bespoke quote for your festival.














Live Show

Live show photography


The highlight of your dance calendar is an extremely busy time, so we will work with your plans to provide a hassle-free service and provide quality images for your dancers and their parents.


Pre-show costume shoot.

Usually just for group shots and often taken on a dress rehearsal day.

Group shots are then made available for sale to the audience at show time.

Live photographs of the show. 

Live photographs of your dress rehearsals, tech runs and performances will be edited and all of the resulting finished images will be sent to every dancer in your school at a cost of £10-£15 per head dep on numbers.

All images are then made available to your school for web and marketing use, along with a percentage of profits from sales.


Dance school photo days

Dance School photo day


Our studio setup comes to your venue for a day (or two). 


We will take individual and group, posed and action shots of your dancers. 


There is a fee of £20 per dancer

(£10 for under 10's)

- this can vary depending on numbers and ages of your school - best to call for your school's bespoke quote.


All images will be uploaded to an online gallery and are available to order as a digital file @£10 each or as a photo print.


Prints are £10 for a 9x6" (or 3 for £25) 





To book your session


Give us a ring to book into our next session.

07932 621 413


or email if you prefer

Photo print prices

Studio Digital image per image £25


multiple purchase discount (per household):

Single image £25

2 images £25 each

3 images £24 each

4 images £23 each

5 images £22 each

6 images £21 each

7 images £20 each

8 images £19 each

9 images £18 each

10 images £17 each

- more than 10 images £15 each

Photographic prints - lustre finish:

 10" Print (longest side) = £25

14" Print (longest side) = £40
20" Print (longest side) = £60
30" Print (longest side) = £120
40" Print (longest side) = £150

Canvas prints - ready to hang:

20" Canvas (longest side) = £80
30" Canvas (longest side) = £120
40" Canvas (longest side) = £160


Art Panel - Lustre print on solid panel

Our best quality - fantastic & ready to hang

36x24" Art Presentation Panel = £350

Digital retouch requests at £10 per image

All print orders are plus £5 p+p per order 

- these orders are printed at the best quality print facilities in the UK are delivered to your door.


Any custom print size options are available on request.



We suggest a short meeting well before the session day to plan the shoot and answer any questions you might have. 


Basically, it is the little things that will make a big difference to the quality of the images. Close attention to hair, nail finish, even skin tone etc will ensure that final images will work beautifully at large enlargement sizes. Remember that classic and understated makes for beautiful images.

Costume selection and hair styles are all unique to every dancers personal style and we would plan this out at the pre shoot meeting.

A typical costume selection would usually start with basic ballet leotard and pointe shoes, perhaps a tutu if you have one.

Then perhaps change to a more contemporary flowing dress with hair down for an alternative look, or rehearsal kit.

Also bring scrunchies and your hair brush for hair adjustment and makeup including face powder.




A voucher for a studio dance photo session - possibly the Ideal Birthday or Christmas gift for the dancer in your life. Vouchers are available to cover any type of session. 


We send a ticket card to you for your

special gift presentation. 


Contact us to arrange the best budget and type of session for your dancer. 


Vouchers of this type are available for charity and fund raising auctions at a limited number per year.



GDPR & Child Protection Policy

Child Protection & GDPR Policy 



DancePropaganda is photographer Nic Lipscombe and occasionally a small team of assistant photographers and admin staff.


Under the DancePropaganda name we specialise in studio dance photography, live show and dance festival photography.


As photographers of dance we are often working with younger people so all staff are cleared on the DBS annual update service.


We recognise that we have a responsibility to ensure a dancers protection and safety whilst they are with us, that they leave our company feeling more confident of their abilities and themselves, and that their images are kept secure and protected from outside access after the shoot.


Photoshoot studio days.

We understand that a child entering into a photoshoot may be feeling some anticipation at the prospect.


We always endeavour to reassure new dance models and are careful to begin with very simple poses in front of camera in order to build their confidence.


We work with our dance models to decide on poses which suit their abilities, and we are careful not to repeat any moves which seem to be uncomfortable in any way.


Actual physical contact with any dancer is not ever necessary and direction is always given by demonstration or verbal description.

Privacy for changing is always provided and minors are always with a parent, guardian or chaperone.


Dancers - or their legal guardians - fill out a form which has a clear opt-in selection for digital data image storage and usage.

Photographs taken are backed up onto secure discs which are not ever connected to the internet.


Samples are uploaded and sent with a unique direct link to the parent/guardian email only.


Dance Festivals.

We ensure that a clear 'opt -in' action is recorded for every dancer we photograph on festival days. - this includes permission for image storage and image usage for promotion by DancePropaganda and the festival organisers.


Images taken are stored on secure backup discs which are never connected to the internet. Contact details and images are never stored together.


Dance live shows For live dance shows we act under the umbrella permission granted by all parents of dancers to the dance school.


Images taken are stored securely on discs which are never connected to the internet. Sample images are uploaded to password access folders.


Contact details are never stored with images.



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